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Ron L
via Google

I am pleased to provide this 5-star review for Pro Taekwondo School! My daughter has been attending this school for a little over a year now, and I have been very happy and grateful with the quality of instruction and care provided by the team.

Under their guidance, my daughter has gained an impressive level of skill in taekwondo, enough to recently attend a tournament where she won 2 gold medals in poomsae and sparring! It is amazing to see how far she has come in such a short time, and it is all thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Pro Taekwondo School team.

But it's not just about the medals and the belts - my daughter has also gained friendships and lasting memories through her time at the school. The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, and I am grateful for the positive influence it has had on my child's life.

If you're looking for a top-notch taekwondo school with skilled instructors, a welcoming community, and impressive results, Pro Taekwondo School is the place to be. Thank you to the team for all that you do!

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Great Taekwondo School! My son has only positive experiences, making new friends, and keeping him active. The staff has been very welcoming and has made us feel part of their family. It’s nice to see my son’s progress from a white belt to a green belt.

via Google

My son joined in summer of 2021 on a two week trial and has been going strong ever since. It’s a really supportive community for all ages. The classes are appropriate for each age group’s development. There’s opportunity to join the competition team (which he is on) and compete in tournaments or you can simply join to train, build self confidence and make new friends. I highly recommend our school.

via Google

Louis started taekwondo in Pro since 2020.
At first there are 10 students in Mr. Padua class when Louis started. Although Louis knows how to kick and split, we did not know that there’s a lot to learn in taekwondo which is Pro taekwondo taught him over the years. It’s more than just a kick, punch, block,or spar. It’s gaining friends, overcoming your fear, accepting defeat.. and much more. They’re not just teaching kids, but they will treat you as a family. Mrs.Padua always checking my son how is he doing, making sure that Louis will come to class, while Mr.Padua sharpen his skills and preparing him to compete in different tournaments, here and outside Canada. I recommend Pro taekwondo if you want your kids to learn more about taekwondo.

via Google

My son loves to go there he is learning how to be active and in discipline he likes his teacher and like to play and learn from them

Carlos Arcos
via Google

My son started Taekwondo when he was 4 years old only. Right now, he’s 6 years old, spending more than 2 years in the program. His so determined to be a black belter and won a lot of competitions already. He became more disciplined and responsible. This is all because of the hardworking, caring and dedicated teachers, Master Ron, Ms. Kim and the rest of the team! A big thank you and kudos to the Pro Taekwondo School!

via Google

I would highly recommend Pro Taekwondo for anyone! My son is currently Red Stripe and won his first Silver Medal in Tournament. Pro Taekwondo fosters positive attitude and develop their self- esteem and believe in the capabilities of their student to become the best that they can be. Master Padua and Ms. Kim and the whole ProTkd team did an awesome job in teaching new skills and also having fun. Pro Taekwando has helped Xantheus with his self-confidence, balance, patience, coordination, and see himself improve and get feedback from Master Padua and Ms. Kim.

via Google

Pro TKD has provided a place for my kids to learn discipline, self control, focus, and the art of taekwondo. They are always excited to come to class each week. Thanks to Coaches Kim an Ron for creating a fun and positive environment where my kids can grow. PS it's also great place for parents to train and be involved as well

Gwah Gwah
via Google

My child has been having a blast attending this school. The instructors are very good with kids and adults alike. They are fair and fun. They dont force the students to do things they feel uncomfortable doing and always encourage them to do their best. They make all the students feel safe and included.

Vicky Giron
via Google

By attending her regular classes, I can notice that she improved her listening skills, increased focus and self-control and she established her habit of enjoying physical activity wherein they do push up, and a lot of stretching. Thank you so much!

Alyssa A
via Google

My son was really nervous to start classes but the instructors were kind enough to work with us until he was feeling more comfortable. He now loves going to taekwondo even though at first it was a new experience for him!

Feliz Ebora Santos
via Google

Pro Taekwondo has taught my children to be reliable and to stick to what they commit to. It has also taught them to be resilient. When they fall or get hurt, they get back up! Thank you Pro Taekwondo for instilling lifelong values for my children.

Casey Gutierrez
via Google

My son has found so much confidence in himself and achieved things he didn’t even know was possible before Taekwondo. Ron and Kim are amazing and knowing they care so much about the growth of each student makes me feel proud to have my son be a part of this.

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